Comfort in Every Detail

Western OK Nursing
Home Comforts & Amenities

At our Western OK Nursing Home Facilities, we prioritize convenience for our residents.

Our in-house laundry and transportation services ensure you always look and feel your best,

and get where you need to go with ease.

Effortless Laundry Services

Corn Heritage Villages & Rehab takes care of all your laundry needs. Our in-house, commercial-grade facilities and full-service staff handle everything from regular washing to dry cleaning and special requests.

Our comprehensive laundry and linens services mean you’ll always have clean, comfortable bedding and impeccably maintained apparel.

Seamless Transportation for Every Journey

As a leading Long Term Care Organization in Oklahoma, we offer personalized transportation services to our residents. Our fleet includes:
  • Handicap Accessible Luxury People Movers
  • Handicap Accessible Luxury People Movers
  • Handicap Accessible Personal Mini-Vans
Whether it’s for shopping, activities, or special outings, our fleet is at your service, ensuring convenient and comfortable travel throughout the year.

Discover More Amenities at Our Facilities


Access to local community events, shopping, and more.. 

Laundry Services

Hassle-free in-house laundry for peace of mind.

Prime Dining

Nutritious and delicious meals prepared by our in-house chefs.
Care , Comfort, and Convenience


Unmatched Care and Comfort:

Corn Heritage Villages sets a new standard in long-term care with unparalleled comfort and care.


Comprehensive In-House Amenities:

From salons to exercise rooms, transportation to prime dining, we offer everything for a comfortable and fulfilling stay.


Dedicated to Continuous Improvement:

We are constantly evolving our facilities and services to provide the best care for our residents.

The Best In-House
Amenities And Features


Access to top healthcare through local doctor collaborations.


Tailored care plans to meet individual resident needs.

In House

Convenient salon services for all our residents.


Nutritious and delicious in-house dining options.


Hassle-free in-house laundry service.


Easy access to local community benefits, including shopping and more.