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Questions about our Nursing & Rehabilitation Care?

  • Do You Offer Nutritional Programs?

    Yes, we have in-house Nutritional Professionals who develop programs specifically tailored to the individual needs of our residents. If you would like more information, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to show you how it works!

  • Can I Visit My Loved One Any Time?

    Yes! We have state-of-the-art security technology in place at both of our facilities that ensure that our residents stay safe at all times while encouraging loved ones to visit 24/7. Please contact us for more details if you intend to visit after normal daytime hours. 

  • Can I Join My Loved One for Dining?

    Absolutely! In fact, We encourage it! You can join your loved ones during typical meal-times and enjoy selections from our menu of Prime Dining options either in our comfortable and well-furnished dining areas, or in suite. 

  • How Can I Receive Updates on My Loved One at CHV?

    We love and encourage family member involvement! With the proper disclosures, you can sign up for our informative newsletters and receive updates on events, happenings, and your family members as well. Contact Us for more details.

  • What Forms of Payment do You Accept?

    We accept most Insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and we also have Private Pay options – including all major credit cards, checks, bank draft, and more. Most Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing plans are covered, or partly covered, by Medicare and Medicaid. 

  • Where are your Facilities Located?

    We have two modernized facilities to serve our residents and communities best. Our facilities are located in Corn, Oklahoma – which is just 15 miles Southwest of Weatherford, OK, and our second facility is located in Weatherford, OK – which is just 80 miles West of Oklahoma City on Interstate 40. 

  • Where Can I Get Information About Medicare & Medicaid?

    You can visit this link for all the information regarding Medicare & Medicaid, & how they are applied to Nursing & Rehabilitation Care – U.S. Medicare Website –

  • Where Can I Get Information about Alzheimer’s & Memory Care?

    You can visit this link to get information about Alzheimer’s & Memory Care. Including information about Nursing & Rehabilitation – Oklahoma Alzheimer’s Association –

  • Where Can I get Information about the Requirements for Nursing & Rehabilitation Care?

    You can use this link to obtain information about Long Term Care, Nursing & Rehabilitation Care, and more – Oklahoma Health Department –

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